3 Additional Services Your Local Roofing Contractor Can Offer You

Flooring & Roofing

Many businesses in the United Kingdom have flat roofs on their buildings and these were designed for a number of practical reasons. They do need to take care of them as they would any roof and there is specialised equipment needed for such jobs. You therefore need to find someone who has all the necessary equipment.

There are a number of quality flat roofing contractors in Sutton-in Ashfield and they offer a selection of flat roof installations. They are trustworthy, reliable and operate under the correct government standards. As part of their roofing service, they offer the following additional services as well.

  1. Hot melt water-proofing has been in existence for the past forty years and is becoming increasingly popular for its strength and resilience. Many modern hospitals are choosing this method for their roofs.
  2. Led sheeting for flashing can be cut and fitted and it is perfect when you need a malleable material for awkward shapes and points. It has a very long life and once done correctly, needs very little maintenance.
  3. Torch applied roofing is incredibly durable and conforms with all current regulations. The warranty on the materials can be as high as ten to twenty years. This gives you great peace of mind.

For your roofing needs, contact your local quality contractor and let them take care of your roof needs.

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