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3 Excellent Examples Of Adding More Living Space To Your Current Home.

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When you have run out of space in your current living area, you need to look for other ways to create new rooms. Many people think of adding a new extension to the home, but they instantly think about an additional brick structure when there are other options available. A single story is an option, but there are also a conservatory and orangeries that also fall under single storey extensions. Conservatories have a much higher use of glass while orangeries use more wood and have a lantern type roof.

First of all, you need to consider what the purpose of your single story extension in Basingstoke is and that will help you figure out the design choices that are open to you. The following are 3 of the most popular styles with their benefits.

  1. The lean-to single storey extension is great because all space is used and none is wasted. If space is limited, this is the perfect choice if your current home is a bungalow type building.
  2. The P-shape single storey is a good choice if you have lots of space to work with. It consists of a lean-to design that is then attached to a Victorian-style conservatory. This gives you 2 additional spaces to utilise as a dining room or a study.
  3. The lantern single storey extension is constructed mostly from glass, so if you want a room with plenty of light, then this is the right choice for you.

There is always a solution to a lack of space and it might be a good idea to consider the 3 options above before you decide on what you want.









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