Building Services That your Local Builder Can Handle

Home Improvement

There are many small builders in the UK that service their local communities, and aside from building extensions and new builds, their main tasks involve building maintenance and providing building reports for potential buyers. Here are just some of the aspects that your local builder would specialise in.

  • Building Extensions – If you ask builders in York to quote you for an extension, they would first inspect your home, and after collecting all the relevant information, a written quote would be issued.
  • Loft Conversions – The most cost-effective way to increase your living space, a loft conversion is something your local builder would have extensive experience with. The structure is already in place, and with some interior modifications, you have an extra room that can be used in whatever way you prefer.
  • Resurfacing the Driveway – Block paving is the latest craze for creating stunning driveways, and your local builder would have no problem with this. He can also create terraces and patios, using block paving, natural stone, or even poured concrete.
  • Roof Repairs – Whether you have a slate or tiled roof, the small builder specialises in all kinds of roofing repairs, and he can even build a roof for your new build. Flat roofing is ideal for small extensions and stand-alone structures, and using the very best materials, you can be sure of many years of trouble-free use.

The small builder is very versatile, offering many essential services including repairs and home improvements. Talk to your local builder today and see what he can do for you.







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