Hornets and Wasps – What to Do in the Event of an Infestation

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Of all the household pests that can be found in the UK, hornets and wasps are the most dangerous, in fact, there have been fatalities recorded, mainly when unsuspecting people disturb a nest. Hornets are less likely to set up home in your property, but they might decide to live in one of your back garden trees, and should that happen, you are strongly advised to stay away.

Call in a Local Pest Control Service

Both wasps and hornets can sting repeatedly, and can be extremely aggressive when protecting their nest. Let the pest control services in Harrogate handle the issue, as they have both the know-how and the equipment to safely exterminate a swarm of wasps or hornets.

Things to Avoid

Once you are aware of a wasp or hornet nest in your garden, cordon off the area and keep children and pets away from the immediate vicinity. Wasps and hornets might attack if:

  • The nest is disturbed – Throwing things at them is not advised.
  • You make loud noise nearby.
  • They feel any vibration.

If the swarm detect a presence nearby, they might decide to attack, and if they do, head for the nearest body of water. They can be very persistent indeed, and will chase a person or animal for a considerable distance once they have homed in on the intruder, stinging continuously.

These creatures are only active in the summer months, yet a large swarm might relocate several times in a season, for no apparent reason. In short, they could disappear as quickly as they came, and in the event you see a large swarm hanging around a tree in your garden, call your local pest control service immediately.

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