How long does the filtration process take

How long does the filtration process take?

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Let’s note that tap water consists of different kinds of impurities and hard metals. It is important that water while flowing through pipelines has a contact with rust and bacteria. Some people may think that purifying such water can be difficult and intensive. But, in fact, more than 90% of lead can be removed by using a filter pitcher. 

Filters, which are an inseparable part of these pitchers, make it possible to get rid of tap water which is hazardous to our health. In addition, they improve both the smell and taste of water.

The method is an important issue, because everything depends on it

Let’s notice that water filtration gains more and more popularity. People become more and more conscious. They care more about healthy nutrition. Many people ask themselves how long does it take to purify water or how long should it take. It must be underlined that the filtering method depends on how long this process will take place. 

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If we consider the method of boiling water, then the boiling time usually lasts about five minutes. Later, however, you should add extra time to cool the water. If you use potassium permanganate, which is added to the water in an amount that colored the liquid in pink, wait 30 minutes. But, bleach based on sodium hypochlorite will be a good solution in the event of a natural disaster, as it will help decontaminate water for both drinking and washing. 

In this case, we also have to wait two quarters of an hour, and before that you need to add to the liter of water two drops of bleach, which has a content of chlorine compounds within about 5%. An important disadvantage in this case is the taste and smell of water – chlorine is perceptible.

Water filtration process for Dafi pitchers

It is worth to underline that Dafi pitchers have a great advantage connected with speed of water purification. In their case, water purification usually takes a few minutes, while the speed of assembly, as well as the easy replacement of filters make this method most often used in the treatment of water at home. 

It is worth to pay attention that a capacity of a pitcher has a crucial impact on filtration process but the time of filtration should not exceed several minutes- depending on the amount of water we want to purify. Dafi pitchers have a capacity from 1 to 3 liters so they will be perfect when we  care about time. It should be said that these pitchers are extremely elegant and well- designed.

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