Reduce the Risk of Boiler Malfunction with Regular Servicing

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The boiler is a critical component of any central heating system, and like most complex pieces of equipment, it can develop faults. If you were to omit the boiler maintenance, there will come a day when the boiler simply stops working, which will leave you without heating and hot water, and while that might be OK in July, it certainly isn’t in January.

Twice Yearly Boiler Service

With the best boiler services in Plymouth, you should have your boiler and central heating system looked at just before winter and again in the autumn, which will ensure that your heating is always running at optimum levels. A boiler service includes the following:

  • Burner check
  • Thermostat test
  • Check the flue
  • Close inspection for corroded parts

The heating engineer would likely ask you to turn on the heating half an hour before he arrives, which will give him a chance to check the system while it is running, and should there be any issues, he would make a recommendation.

Boiler Repairs

Even with regular maintenance, your boiler could go wrong at any time, although the likelihood is less when servicing is carried out on a regular basis. In the event your heating is not performing as it should, call out your local heating engineer, who would have a fully equipped mobile unit that is stocked with many spare parts.

If you would like to reduce the chances of a central heating failure, book in a service every 6 months and you should be fine.

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