What Does a Boiler Service Entail

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One of the most important systems in any house is the central heating, especially during the harsh British climate when you really do need to heat the home, and the boiler is a critical component that requires regular maintenance. The ideal time to have the boiler serviced is the autumn months, just prior to the cold weather’s arrival, and in case you were wondering what is involved with a boiler service, here is a brief description.

  • Thorough Visual Inspection – The very first thing the heating engineer will do is give the boiler a close physical inspection, looking for signs of corrosion and wear and tear. The boiler will be fired up so that the engineer can inspect the colour of the flame. Should your boiler malfunction, there are 24-hour plumbers in Cambridge and surrounding areas who can be there in a matter of minutes.
  • Main Components – Once the boiler’s outer casing is removed, the engineer will check the heat exchanger, main injector, burner and the spark igniter. Once this is done, the engineer with clean the inside and replace the casing.
  • System Working Check – The system is then fired up, which allows the specialist to see the boiler while the system is running, and then he will carry out a gas pressure test. The final thing is to check that the flue is not obstructed and is correctly secure, and once this has been completed, he will write a short report on his findings.

You should have the boiler serviced twice a year – once prior to winter and again at the beginning of spring – which will ensure that the unit performs as it should.

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