What Does a Loft Conversion Entail?

Home Improvement

Due to the very high cost of building today, many UK homeowners prefer to make the best use of available space they have in their loft by having it converted. The first step would be to make contact with a quality loft boarding specialist in Accrington, who would pay you a home visit and inspect the loft to ascertain whether a loft conversion is a viable proposition.

Scope of Work

The loft conversion specialist will ascertain the extent of the conversion, which would include:

  • Creating a Chipboard Floor
  • Cladding the Roof Interior
  • Installing a Couple of Skylights
  • Boarding up the Water Tank

Other aspects to consider are access, which would be provided by a set of drop down ladders, and ventilation would come from a few well-placed extractor fans.

Roof Insulation

The existing fibreglass insulation prevented heat escaping into the loft, which you now want to remove, allowing the heat to enter the loft. A new layer of roof insulation would be added behind the ceiling cladding, which would reduce the heat lost through the roof.

Range of Uses

Your new loft conversion can be utilised in many ways, it could become:

  • An extra bedroom
  • A home office
  • Childrens study centre

If you have your heart set on your very own man-cave, this is the perfect location, and with bespoke cupboards and shelving, you can make best use of the pitched sections. Carpet tiles are ideal for the floor covering, easy to install and you can always remove a tile in the event of a stain, or you could opt for luxury vinyl tiles, which are extremely durable and look simply stunning.

Talk to a loft conversion specialist and see what he can do for you.

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