What is Mastic Asphalt and Why is it Used in Roofing?

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Asphalt has long been used as a roofing material, mainly because it has all the properties you would expect from a top-quality roofing material. Mastic asphalt utilises highly developed polymer bitumen, which allows the asphalt to move with the contraction and expansion that comes with changing temperatures, and the material will not crack or split.

  • Hot Installation – Mastic asphalt is installed while hot, and the affordable mastic roofing services in Halifax are experts at installing hot asphalt. The seamless finish is watertight and flexible enough to absorb movement, and with edgings and sealants, the flat roof is completely watertight, and suppliers will happily issue a 20-year warranty on all of their work.
  • Outstanding Durability – This is the main reason why you see mastic asphalt in so many locations, with many government buildings and car parks using mastic asphalt, mainly because it offers a long-lasting and durable finish. If you would like a quote for mastic asphalt roofing, a Google search will put you in touch with a local specialist roofing company, and they would be happy to quote for a range of roofing solutions.
  • Pebble Stone Finish – It is normal for the roofers to add pebble stones after the asphalt has been installed, which gives the roof an extra layer of protection that also has visual appeal. This protects the asphalt from the strong sun, and if the roof is installed professionally, theres very little that can go wrong.

Mastic asphalt makes for the perfect flat roofing material, and with a specialist roofing contractor who has many years of hands-on experience installing asphalt roofing, you are guaranteed to have a strong and durable roof.

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