When is it Time to Replace My Boiler

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The typical gas or oil central heating boiler is designed for 15-20 years of use, and when calculating the expectancy of such a critical component, a lot depends on how the unit was maintained. The only person who can really tell you when your boiler need replacing is a heating engineer, and when the time comes, he would recommend replacing the unit rather than repairs.

The Importance of an Annual Boiler Service

Regardless of make or model, your boiler should be serviced once a year, while many UK homeowners have their unit serviced every 6 months, once before and once after the winter. The boiler service would include all of the following:

  • Inspecting the burner and the flame.
  • Checking for corrosion and general wear and tear.
  • Checking the accuracy and condition of the thermostat.
  • Checking that there are no obstructions around the flue.

The heating engineer would run the heating system and check the various components, while also looking at the radiators in every room, checking for sufficient heat transfer.

Prompt Repairs

Should the worst happen and your boiler malfunctions, qualified boiler repairs in Alfreton are only a Google search away, and they have fully equipped mobile units, and will come at any time, especially in the cold winter months. A poorly maintained boiler might need replacing after just 5 or 6 years, which is about half of the life expectancy of a boiler, so it is essential that the apparatus is regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications, which will ensure optimum performance.

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