Why Boilers Need Regular Maintenance

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If you have a central heating system in your home, imagine what would happen if it suddenly decided to stop working? Perish the thought! Especially if it happened during the winter, and one of the reasons you can take your heating system for granted is regular maintenance.

Essential Boiler Maintenance

The boiler is the very heart of your central heating system, and at least once a year, it should be serviced by a qualified heating engineer, which should ensure the heating works as it should. A typical boiler service includes the following:

  • Burner Check
  • Thermostat Accuracy Test
  • Checking the Flue
  • Looking for Signs of Corrosion

The heating engineer might ask you to turn on the heating an hour before he arrives, which gives him the opportunity to inspect the system while it is running. Even a hardy boiler has a lifespan, and with affordable local boiler replacement in Bath, replacing the unit won’t break the bank.

When to Schedule the Boiler Service?

Heating engineers are very busy during the months of September and October, as these are the best months to service the heating. The long winter will no doubt take its toll on the boiler, and having it serviced just prior to winter is ideal.

Boiler Repair

Should the heating not be working properly, you should call the local heating engineer. Who will schedule a visit as soon as he is able. Even with regular servicing, things can go wrong with a boiler, and with a local expert, your heating and hot water will soon return to normal.

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