Why Video Surveillance is the Best Deterrent

Home Improvement

If you are looking for home security that works, look no further than CCTV, as it offers the ultimate deterrent against intruders. A few well-placed cameras around the perimeters of your property sends out the right message to anyone who is planning to rob you, and they all know that CCTV footage is acceptable as evidence in a court of law.

Unprotected Premises

Let’s take a look at the typical house breaker of today, and it isn’t a professional thief with all the latest gadgets, rather an opportunist, who spends his time scouring neighbourhoods looking for an easy entry. The average domestic break-in is over within 10 minutes, it’s a question of in and out, taking anything of value during a very quick tour of the house. It is a numbers game, and any property with CCTV cameras simply isn’t on their list, especially as so many homes are still unprotected.

Deterrent Factor

Unless you happen to have the Crown Jewels under your bed, a quality CCTV system installation in Glasgow is all you need to deter the house breaker, with the following benefits:

  • Cost effective security
  • Remote viewing
  • Maintenance free

Professional Advice

Every property is different, which is why the CCTV engineer needs to inspect the site. He will decide how many cameras you need and the best placement locations, and with high-definition night viewing, your security system is working 24/7.

Rather than creating physical barriers, making the best use of available technology ensures that your home never makes the list of burgled properties.


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